Borrowed as you know: “We report, you decide”.

Dear Andy,  

I’m afraid to say that the evil “nanobot 
snow” theory- and alleged proof of it – is 
not going away, no matter how many 
mainstream media pundits try to ridicule 
seekers of the truth.
Check out this ca-ra-zy video, showing 
microscopic photos of this weird Southern 
Snow, complete with fragments of depleted 
uranium, polymers laced with blood cells, 
whose nuclei have been replaced by 
pandemic viruses and anomalous polymer 
sheets and filaments and more things that 
don’t belong in the “pure and driven snow” 
in which I used to love to frolic, until 
This piece also includes commentary related to 
her by a high-security US government contact, 
who would only respond to her questions about 
these weird snow phenomena in the most 
shrouded of terms.
I sincerely hope that this is the last time I 
feel moved to post a story about the “weird” 
snow that has been falling in the Northern 
Hemisphere, this season. I hate this story 
and wish that it would just go away.
Don’t we all feel like that? That it would 
just go away? Wouldn’t it be great if the 
“bad snow” story and the whole chemtrails 
narrative, was just a bunch of baloney and 
that we could all rest easy and never give 
it another thought, ever again? I mean, 
isn’t the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe 
enough to be concerned about?
But after watching Rachel Maddow cruelly 
eviscerate the people of the Southern US, 
the other night, over their concerns about 
the weird snow they’ve been observing – 
four days after the story was already OLD 
NEWS on the Internet, I have to stand up 
for these people and defend them against 
this horrid toady (and others) of the 
Criminal Mainstream Media. 
It’s a sad moment for me, because I 
used to be a fan of Maddow.
The fact of the matter is that these TV 
news agencies are fast becoming more 
irrelevant than ever, relying more and 
more on YouTube posts for their reporting, 
with entire TV news segments, totally 
devoted to Internet chatter, while their 
cameras pan over to big flags, urging 
their viewers to “Like” their shows on 
Facebook, prior to their commercial 
Their business models would be completely 
run over by the Internet, like so many other 
entertainment formats have already been 
(I’ve worked in all of them!), if it weren’t for 
their current ubiquitous utility as government 
propaganda outlets. It remains to be seen, if 
TV news will survive, within our lifetimes, as 
the Internet converges with TV – or conversely, 
if alternative news will survive this inevitable 
First of all, it’s not like it NEVER snows in the
South – Southerners aren’t totally ignorant 
about snow. By making them look “dumb,” 
MSNBC and others have done a terrible 
disservice to a country that does not need of 
any more manipulated polarizations of North-
South and Left-Right.
These are divisive diversions from the real 
issue of Constitutional abuse by several 
Executive Administrations, in recent decades 
and the fact that the above-mentioned divisions 
have become considerably less meaningful, 
during these same decades, which witnessed 
the vast migrations of Northerner retirees to the 
South and the domination of US politics by 
Southerners, since the 1980s.
To attempt to reinforce these alleged divisions 
is retrograde and destructive to the body politic 
and to the morale and to the general, cohesive 
strength of the US. 
F***k MSNBC. I know some of their presenters, 
personally. They need better consultants – 
The one thing that ALL thinking Americans 
can agree upon is that there has been a 
horrific desecration the basic premise of our 
country, namely, the Constitution; the very 
concepts enshrined, which give hope, not 
only to Americans but to people who 
understand its principles and many of whom, 
whose countries, have incorporated similar 
ideals within their own legal structures, 
It is more than clear that the US began 
straying from these principles, in earnest, post 
WWII and that where we find ourselves today is 
at a precipice, whereby all could be lost, with the 
polarizing politics of alienated pundits, who care 
only about their paychecks and the marching 
orders of their corporate paymasters.
But I digress…
It is still early February and the snow’s not going 
to stop falling for a few more months in the 
northern parts of the world…
This morning’s clip comes from the YouTube 
account of Rev. Michelle Hopkins, whose videos 
are distinguished as being among the most hair-
raising explorations of exotic, genocidal weapons, 
upon which few people have ever even 
I cannot vouch for the actual existence of this 
personage and several things lead me to believe 
that this YouTube channel represents a “White Hat,” 
undercover, intelligence whistle-blowing operation.

P.S. Please consider signing my petition to 

the White House, to de-classify the full 

Congressional 9/11 Investigation Report, 

including the 5-10,000 words President Bush 

(43) ordered removed, by going here.


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Alexandra Bruce Publisher, 
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