The REAL Story of How We Got Here – Part 1


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Bix Weir


We are standing on the very cusp of Greatness. What lies directly ahead of us is something that has been planned since before the inception of the US Federal Reserve system in December 1913. The more we understand about what happened in our past the more we will understand why we must go through this very painful transition. It is the only way to find the Greatness that was meant for our nation…as well as the human race.

The following is a brief history of what I think happened over these last 100 years in the United States. It pulls together many conspiracy theories and tears apart others. I am not going to link the information that proves my theory correct in this article because it would take too long and distract from the story but it is all proven in the pages of the Road to Roota website. It can all be found in the archive links at the bottom of each section. Or, if you don’t want to read everything, just search for the topic you are interested in and you will find what you need.

*Ultimately, there will be those of you who do not believe what I am about to tell you and I respect that. But I do ask that before you discount this version of our past that you take a good hard look at all my research and evidence. I have found that when people take the time to understand the Road to Roota Theory they have an entirely new view on what is happening now and what is about to transpire.


In the late 1800’s an explorer in the Grand Canyon came across the largest  gold deposit ever discovered in the history of the world. It was located in the side of a shear cliff within one of the canyon walls. In addition there were vast amounts of gold flakes in the river banks and silt mounds surrounding the seam.  This bounty of gold was so vast that it defied logic. Unfortunately for the explorer, it was very hard to access at that time making the recovery of the gold on a large scale practically impossible. It was also surrounded by sacred lands of the American Indians who defended this sacred canyon with their lives. 

Word got out about this discovery and mining plans were being drawn up, financed by wealthy and powerful people out of Chicago. By the early 1900’s railroad tracks were laid, bridges and roads were built as vast construction  was underway with large mining equipment being set up to process and excavate the gold.

On June 19, 1912 this amazing gold find was announced to the world in an article in the New York Times.


After word got out, the ramifications of this gigantic treasure began to sink in. The rich and powerful had come to the conclusion that this amount of gold COULD UPHEND THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL STRUCTURE IF ALLOWED TO BE MINED. They were right and here’s why…

In the early 1900’s the world was on a Gold & Silver Standard meaning that almost every country around the world used gold and silver as money. That was all they had as money…coins and bars of gold and silver. All paper financial transactions were also backed by gold and silver held on account at a bank.  There were no electronic blips sitting on some computer hard drive to tell you how rich you were. There were stacks of gold and silver coins in which a person’s wealth was safely stored. At the time also, silver was in abundance because there were no electronic or industrial applications that consumed silver. Silver’s value and use was as money. Not only that but silver was easy to mine as it tends to be found in very shallow earth deposits. The world was floating in billions of ounces of silver and most of it was in use as money.

Gold on the other hand was fairly rare. It was held by nations and kings and royalty. Only the wealthiest of wealthy held large quantities of gold and they hoarded it and coveted it above all else. Gold was what separated them from the working class who transacted commerce in the abundant silver monetary instruments. Gold is what made the rich and powerful…well, Rich and Powerful.

So when the world heard about the vast gold find in the Grand Canyon those who ran the world at the time were frightened. The rumors were that hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of tons of gold may come into circulation from this excavation. The rich and powerful were afraid that if the world became awash in GOLD then the value of their fortunes would be slashed dramatically…along with their power. And they were right. But they also knew that it would massively disrupt the social order for the common man as centuries of commerce using gold had divided the wealth fairly well amongst all classes of people even if the rich had the most. There was a certain structure and harmony in the monetary system that was working for the most part.

So scenarios were put before the leaders of the United States in which the banks showed how an influx of this quantity of currency could destroy the country by disrupting the social order that was accepted and ran smoothly. Although the rich had the most to lose, everyone would be drastically affected.

Ultimately, the banker’s theories were accepted and the mining project was halted immediately. The sacred ground where this fortune lies was then sequestered by the United States. It was put into a cordoned off area of the Grand Canyon and is heavily guarded by the US Military to the present day. This treasure has been lying in wait for over 100 years. Every crooked US President since its discovery has tried to open this area up to extract the gold but those in Congress sworn to protect this treasure have held them off and still do to this day.

Back to the early 1900’s…

Knowing that the United States held this vast amount of unprocessed gold will help you understand many of the seemingly unconstitutional events that have transpired over all this time. The creation of the Federal Reserve Bank for example. Ever since the United States was founded the Banksters had been trying to get their hands on the purse strings of our young and free nation but to no avail. The US knew what the Banksters were up to and structured our founding documents such that their usurpation of our nation would be difficult for them if not impossible.

So they thought.

It was the Bankers that came up with the plan of how to handle the sudden potential disruption of the monetary supply of the world. They would handle this “problem” through the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank and carefully control the global monetary system such that it wouldn’t be affected by any massive increases or decreases in the supply of money (gold). From that cold December evening in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was passed by just a handful of Congressmen, the Fed has been tasked with CONTROLLING the PERCEPTION of the quantity and value of gold for our country…and the world.

More in Part 2 which will be posted …SOON!

*If any of this seems fanciful to you PLEASE use the search function on the RoadtoRoota website and you will find all the backup documentation…CUZ IT’S ALL TRUE!

Bix Weir


Get out of Gold and into Silver Now!

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