What is Greenwald Covering Up?


Got this email from Forbidden Knowledge TV, take a look, what do you think?

Dear Andy,  

This second pilot edition of Boiling Frogs 
Post Roundtable expands on the background 
information discussed in a short clip by 
James Corbett which I sent earlier this 
Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI translator 
who was fired in March 2002, after accusing 
the FBI of deliberately suppressing and 
endangering national security, which later 
gained her awards and fame as a whistleblower. 
Edmonds testified before the 9/11 Commission, 
but her testimony was excluded from the 
official 9/11 Commission Report.
She is the founder of the National Security 
Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC) and Editor 
of her website, BoilingFrogsPost.com, where 
she has recently raised questions about the 
extremely slow release of the Snowden 
Corbett, along with Sibel Edmonds and 
Guillermo Jimenez discuss the controversy 
surrounding the $250 million dollar media 
venture between Glenn Greenwald and eBay 
Chairman, Pierre Omidyar. PayPal, a 
subsidiary of eBay has vocally supported 
and materially enabled illegal NSA activities.
They discuss the glacial pace at which the 
Snowden documents are being released, in 
the name of mutli-million-dollar profits and 
Edmonds is still waiting for a response to an 
open letter to Snowden, as to whether he 
condones the manner with which the 
documents he obtained at the risk of his own 
life have been handled (if, indeed his story is 
all that it has been purported to be, of which 
she has expressed some doubt) and whether 
he is receiving his fair “cut” from these 
astronomical deals.
For this, Edmonds, a longtime supporter of 
Greenwald’s crusade against the lapdog, 
propagandist and criminal mainstream media 
has found herself savaged by extremely 
unseemly tweets from Greenwald, and his 
emailed response to her perfectly reasonable 
questions were, quote: “Go away, bitch!”
Greenwald’s reactions demonstrate a complete 
breaking from rank among dissident journalists 
and whistleblowers – besides demonstrating 
immense misogyny. Greenwald’s unwarranted 
and absurd assaults against Edmonds truly beg 
askance as to his ultimate motivations.
At this juncture, it sure looks, walks and talks 
like an NSA buy-out of the data dump – probably 
the most legally prudent option for Greenwald – 
lest he become another Julian Assange or 
Chelsea Manning.
The Snowden documents are considered by 
the US to be stolen Government Property. 
Constitutional Law would argue that this 
property was, in turn illegally stolen from 
the People of the US – who unwittingly 
funded the NSA’s illegal activities, therefore, 
it legally belongs to the American People.
As a Constitutional Lawyer, I’m sure 
Greenwald has studied the situation and 
become convinced that this illegally-acquired 
cache is salable. But if this $250 million dollar 
Omidyar deal actually represents an NSA 
buy-out and a blockade of the information 
obtained, on pain of death by a recipient of 
the Sam Adams Award for integrity and 
ethics by the intelligence community; if it 
is a betrayal of Ed Snowden’s alleged 
intentions and his sacrifice, that will feltch 
beyond human comprehension. We’re 
watching and waiting…tapping our little 
toes, over here, Mr. Greenwald. 
Video (almost 60 mins): 
– Alexandra 
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Alexandra Bruce Publisher, ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com 
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