Benghazi: The Truth Behind the Smokescreen.


Watch this news report on FOX news and ask why are the other news reporting organizations not reporting anything. As you can see all the information is out and available, spelled out in congress. Ask your congressman why he did not tell you about all these things that are part of the congressional record. They have numerous staff to do the reading for them.

All written down for all to see, especially all the media who are trained to put these stories into a short understandable report to pass on the information to rest of us poor voting suckers. But they don’t want to talk about it. Why?  Clearly there is an agenda at play here. Everybody in Washington is guilty of all this crap. This is not a right wing or a left wing issue, we are dealing with liars, professional liars. They lie to us to get us to vote for them. The media is the pimp for professional whores in Washington. The chief liar is counting on the media to make her even a president. You can’t make this stuff up.

How many of us, our friends, our neighbors, our relatives, our co workers still think that everything is just fine. Pass this video to all those people and tell them to pass it on too. Dig up more videos and articles, some people like to read, others watch the video, so send out both. The word needs to get out loud and clear. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research and learn that we are being lied to on an hourly basis about everything.  This is only one example, there are hundreds more available. If you have been around for a little while then you have noticed that most of the so called “conspiracy theories” most of the time turn out to be real “conspiracies”. We have always been “conspiracy observers”, not the “theorists” that media named us after JFK died.

Just copy the link and pass it on.

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