Constitution Party Florida Meeting


Did you see that John Kerry recently signed the UN Small Arms Treaty in direct contradiction of the 2nd Amendment?

There is no doubt that those directing our Federal Government intend to do everything  in their power to thwart the 2nd Amendment. Even local sheriffs, including Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, want to  reinstate the assault weapons ban and limit magazines to 10 rounds. Its not about guns, its about  who controls the guns.
Right now there is a massive push  toward  consolidating power into the hands of a few and guiding us toward world  government.  On May 21, Vero Beach Mayor Craig Fletcher said he was told the goal of Seven50 is to consolidate the control of 7 South Florida counties “into a group of no more than 4 people”. In St Lucie, former County Commissioner Judy Culpepper said “Seven50 is the local implementation of the global plan. Seven50 is Communism”. Common Core Education Standards has transferred control from local School Boards and States to 2 Federal Trade Associations. Leaders in our Federal Government continue to hand more power and control to the  United Nations. Was our nation built on consolidation of power into far away hands in Washington and New York or a balance and separation of power in hands close to home?
This meeting will take a close look at history and reveal a road map to the small group of powerful men We the People have historically  been fighting. I have been to a hundred meetings over 7 years and none have put the spotlight on primary and secondary threats like this meeting intends to. These meetings are done around the state so this is your opportunity if you are in South Florida. Don’t miss it.
Mark Pilling

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