Financial house of cards is about to fall.

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Those of you who follow my blog understand that the financial house of cards is about
to fall.
While I have not been publishing many specific stories about the markets, here are three very
recent headlines from a free email service that I have found over the years to be reliable and
* International Investors Dump $40.8 Billion in Treasuries, the Most Ever * A U.S. Housing Crash Is Already Starting to Unfold * Interest-Rate Market Going Berserk!
Also, let me add here that a number of alternative news services have written  articles that suggest
the Cabal is desperately trying to find some way to bring down—take out—the internet just prior to
the crash.
As a result, most people wouldn’t have access to their money in the banking system.  And what, do
you suppose, the Cabal would see as an opportunity in all of that?  So much for a banking holiday.  
And, what about this article from last year’s Business Insider?
Then, there this curious article from “The Atlantic Wire” that states:
“The bills’ release in October can still be salvaged if the Fort Worth, Texas branch of production makes
up for the problems at the Washington, D.C. mint.”
Fort Worth, Texas–Texas–home of the Bush Family. 
Are we supposed to believe the Washington, D.C. mint is that screwed up–that their quality
control has suddenly abandoned a hundred-plus years of excellence?
Can you see it all  all coming together – and very quickly? 
Do you think the cabal will go out easily?
Do you think they will take advantage of their the ability to create chaos by destroying some
portion of the electronic grid?
I do!
As a result of the ensuing chaos, do you have any doubt the cabal will make one final attempt
to gain control of the planet – as their butts are being kicked out the door?
Would they perhaps try one last time to institute martial law?
Would they blame the failure of the grid on another country – and so in the hysteria thus created
by our lack of electricity would they attempt to take the United States of America into WWIII
against some other country?
I don’t doubt that their desperation would lead them to try any or all of this – and more.
Our greatest defense against such an attempt could well be to help this post go viral.
If you agree, please share these thoughts with others.
Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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