Our voices are being heard.

Thanks M.
Family and Friends,
Our voices are being heard! And you, who have taken action by educating others, contacting your legislators, writing letters to the editors of your local rags and compelling others to do the same, can pat yourselves on the back. In yesterday’s article linked below, you can read that the issue of re-instating Glass-Steagall will be heard at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)on Monday (tomorrow) in Atlanta. I wish I could be there…. Anyone going who is willing to pick me up just needs to let me know when and where to meet them for the ride up! We need thousands of people to show up with signs and banners demanding passage of these proposals to re-instate Glass-Steagall.
Anyway, while the fact that this is even on their agenda can be chalked up in the plus category, obviously, the battle is far from over. As you can read in the article linked below, the banksters are placing an enormous amount of pressure upon our elected to make this go away. It appears that the bankster bastages have already dedicated $300 million to squelching the passage of any law which would re-instate Glass-Steagall or even to prevent enough support to bring it up for a vote.  
We cannot not sit back now just because the  NCSL has Glass-Steagall on the agenda. We must continue to bombard our legislators with demands that they support this vital legislation and NOT ALLOW THEMSELVES TO BE BULLIED OR THREATENED by these criminal banksters. In fact, we should point out that any such threats as withdrawing banking jobs from a particular district (which has and is being done) based upon the way an elected official delegates their authority sounds an awful lot like attempted coercion!
Also, to place the emptiness of such threats into proper context, while we may not like the idea of more jobs being lost in our communities, we should also be aware that compared to all the jobs lost over the last 5 years due to the criminal activities of these banksters, acting on the orders from their masters, another few thousand jobs in each state is literally nothing percentage wise. What’s more, the fact that the only jobs left in many communities are those belonging to those engaged in criminal activity and their co-conspirators, just somehow makes me a little less concerned for their loss. To put it another way and in as plain a context as I can….. Should we feel bad that the employees of an institution which seeks to destroy us goes out of business? Also, we must understand that any legitimate banking business need, can and will be provided by our smaller, local, community banks. Yes, we may have to give up some convenience, but this is but a small price to pay to rid ourselves of the financial tyranny which is destroying our Nation and literally threatening the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors….Isn’t it?
If you have not already done so, move your money to your mattress, leaving only enough to cover your monthly expenses in an account AT A SMALL COMMUNITY BANK. If you have not already done so, you may wish to consider turning those Fed Reserve Notes (I.O.U’s) into PHYSICAL gold and silver, leaving just enough “liquid cash” to cover your necessary expenditures for a few months. I am not saying that the criminals will not manipulate the paper price of Gold and Silver down even more than it is, and in fact I believe that they will make at least one more huge move to extend downward pressure on the price of metals BEFORE the release of the new $100 bill which (according to the Fed) is supposed to be in October, but everyone must take responsibility for themselves and determine the best time to convert their fiat currency into real money.
On the issue of Glass-Steagall: We are making major advances, but must keep the pressure on if we are going to win this battle. The forces of evil (the crown and their bankster agents) are well financed (with what you and I know to be empty promises to pay) and literally are in a fight for their lives as well, because when they lose control of the money, they lose control of the government. When they lose control of the government, they lose their protection from prosecution for the heinous crimes they have committed. When they become subject to the law for the crimes they committed, they become vulnerable to the loss of their “wealth”, and in some instances may even face the death penalty…. so it really comes down to a question of who wants more to live? US, or THEM?
God Bless and God Speed        

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