The Silver Interview the “Good Guys” Don’t Want You To Hear (w/comment)

From Bix Weir:
**I sent this email a few days ago and got a HUGE response from people who have just recently join our Road. The hardest part of my job to educate the masses about the manipulation of gold and silver is that the new people have to start from the BEGINNING and it’s difficult to rehash the same information to get people up to speed. This interview and the Road to Roota Theory link below have opened many new eyes to what is going on. Are you up to speed yet??
One of the ongoing dilemmas on the Road to Roota is the exposure of the original “Good Guys”. The original people that set up the plan to secretly take down the banking cabal and return us to a true Gold Standard. The people that secretly started the computer price manipulation practices of the precious metal markets back in the early 1970’s that continue in full force today.
At times I do feel bad that I have pulled back the curtain but this has to be done. The TRUTH has to be told and the problems FIXED. Their grand plan from over 40 years ago has ultimately turned into a GRAND DISASTER with no smooth transition back to sound money. The rigging programs are in the hands of the banksters now and they use the cover of the original plan to help the world distort and defraud every market on Earth.
Should the “Good Guys” have waged a preemptive open war against the “Bad Guys” back in the 1960’s after they took out Kennedy and took over our country? Maybe. But now they have let the global monetary destruction fall on the laps of our generation and its time to PULL THE PLUG on the entire operation. 
The only way to do that is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH and that’s what this interview begins to do.
Bix Weir: Story Behind the Road to Roota Silver Medallion
You can close your eyes to the information presented on the Road to Roota but you can’t erase the facts. The Fed Boston comics are REAL and they do talk about overthrowing the “Big People” who run our system. They talk about the need for a Gold Standard. They reference 911 conspiracies and talk about the secret “Oil Standard” that Kissinger set up to artificially support the US Dollar. They allude to the hidden caves of gold in the United States. They talk about the redistribution of money after the system falls apart. Even the new $100 Bill that comes out in October 2013 references the new Gold Standard and the need for “We The People” to finally stand up and remove our current leaders.
Alan Greenspan, John Kemeny, Stephen Devaux, Harold Sullivan, George Goodwin Jr. all were involved in the implementation of the Greenspan plan to rig the markets via computer programs. Ronald Reagan, Ron Paul, Paul Volcker, Dianne Feinstein and Barney Frank carried it forward through the years. Ben Bernanke is in charge of the final monetary IMPLOSION as he prints money faster and deeper than any previous Fed Chairman. The end cometh fast…keep an eye out for the actions of Warren Buffett as he will be involved in the final blow.
If none of the above makes sense to you you can start your awakening process here:
The Road to Roota Theory
It is time to spread the truth so please send the interview all around the internet. People need to wake up and smell “Roota’s Flowers” if we ever want to get out of this mess!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road
Bix Weir

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