RECAP: Stunning New Revelations from Lt. Mike Zullo – Obama Fraud Case

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COLD CASE POSSE  – Obama Fraud

On Friday April 5, 2013 – Carl Gallups of Freedom
Friday with Carl Gallups
interviewed Mike Zullo, Lead Investigator, with
the Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse. The interview was conducted over an hour and
half portion of Carl’s show. Zullo and Gallups promised stunning new revelations
in the case … and in spite of the Obamabot naysayers and, apparently, those
incapable of intelligently discerning spoken information – Gallups and Zullo
delivered on the promise!

Below is a recap of the revelations:

Within the last 2 days before the interview, Zullo confirmed that brand new
information had been received in the investigation which bolstered the legal
evidence of the long form birth certificate being a 100% fabricated and
fraudulent document. The information came, unexpected, from a professional
source of the investigation, and is irrefutable.

2. Within the last
couple of days before the interview, Zullo  had several lengthy meetings with
VIPS who have promised to soon bring this case forward in an “official” manner.
The VIPS are of “standing” and have the authority to bring the case forward.
They have promised full public exposure to the case, the evidence, and to the
hopeful ends of a full and official “hearing” of the matter.

3. A
definitive “plan of action” is now being formulated with several VIPS to make
number 3 above happen as soon as possible.

4. Several other VIPS have now
scheduled meetings with Zullo and are expected to come on board with the
exposure process.

5. Zullo revealed for the FIRST TIME publicly that a
“certified” source of legal investigation has now “signed off” on the CCP
investigation and has declared the evidence to be 100% accurate and the document
in question to be a complete fabricated fraud upon the American people. This
source is certified to testify in Federal Courts throughout the

6. Gallups identified that at least one VIP has reneged on their
promise of further meetings and investigations. Gallups is promising to “out”
this VIP very soon. Gallups attests that he possesses the email trail from the
office of the VIP proving that the VIP planned to participate in the evidence
examination. The VIP is now claiming that their office never planned to be a
part of that meeting – even though the email evidence specifically indicates
otherwise. In other words – the VIP lied and Gallups says he can prove it.

7. Zullo says the public disclosure of the evidence and the push for
definitive legal action may take from 3 – 6 months depending upon the “plan of
action” that is being formulated by the VIPS who are already on board and the
VIPS that they are trying to bring on board with them in this matter. Further
VIP meetings are being scheduled at this time. 

For those wanting
“specifics” of the above – we will have to wait until it is all made public.
This is no small matter. This is a criminal case of monumental and historical
magnitude. Zullo, Arpaio, Gallups, et. al. are not about to leak out the
specifics of the investigation and especially names of the VIPS who are now,
finally, promising action in this case.

The Obamabots would LOVE for
Zullo or Gallups to “slip up” or be “bullied” into releasing more
information…but Gallups and Zullo are much too smart for those tactics. The
Obamabots would love to know the specifics, the evidence, and the names of the
VIPS so they could attack them and start a disinformation campaign. But they
cannot do either – because they simply do not know what the CCP is now in
possession of. The Obamabots are going crazy.

Gallups and Zullo are
asking people to be patient. The bottom line, they say, is that this case is now
further along and closer to being publicly dealt with than ever before. These
things take time – but Gallups and Zullo have promised that they are not going
away until the case is “heard” or until the VIPS are “outed” for reneging on
promises to deal with the matter. Gallups and Zullo have promised, one way or
the other – the truth will be disseminated to the world.

Zullo and the CCP are asking for your donations. Yes – they are asking for them
without shame. The donations are the only source of funding in the
investigation, travel and future expenses. Many of you ask: How can we help? 
Gallups and Zullo say: PRAY – and donate! 


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  1. I posted this after reading it but did not have time to hear the radio show, however I have now heard the radio show also and it is just super, DO NOT MISS IT, click here:


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