Tuesday Oct 2, 2012

Breaking News: Update on Military Movements! Coming Eviction of the Washington DC Corporation?

I just picked up this conversation between an individual named Destry Payne and Chris Kelsay, who are talking about the latest troop movements headed to Washington DC.  This got me excited because Destry Payne is running for Common Law judge in Michigan for 2012.  You can find more info about Destry Payne at this link here.Does this give any additional credibility to the following conversation and information being discussed in this posting?  Is this what we all have been waiting for?  Is October going to be the month of action against the criminal elite in Washington DC?  The November election is creeping up, status quo or revolution?  I shall dream of the day the republic is restored and may that dream be realized. ~ enerchi

  • Destry Payne- A retired colonel informed me of an assurance that they are headed for DC
  • Chris Kelsay- gov prepping for American population control?
  • Destry Payne -Gov is being taken down.
  • Chris Kelsay- militia?
  • Destry Payne -I have no word on Militia as of now.
  • Chris Kelsay- marital law?
  • Destry Payne -They have been pushing for martial law to be implemented this Saturday
  • Chris Kelsay- nation wide? is that in the situation that the gov is in fact dismantled?
  • Destry Payne -Yes
  • Chris Kelsay- who would then be running the show?
  • Destry Payne- We The People
  • Destry Payne- We have people in place right now.
  • Chris Kelsay- one of us?
  • Destry Payne- Yes, Lawful assemblies that represent all of us. I am one of them.


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