News from Bix Weir.

Everybody and their mother has sent me the Federal Judge decision throwing out the Position Limit Rule. Here it is…
My take…you didn’t think the Bad Guys were just going to roll over and die did you?!
I have always held that the CFTC would not CAUSE the crash but rather be in position to try and restart the markets after the crash. This has been my take for the past 4 years and this ruling is further confirmation that this is the case.
So should you be discouraged? NO! As a matter of fact – it is VERY significant that the Position Limits Rule will be further delayed at this time because it won’t be blamed for the market chaos that is right around the corner. One computer program triggered raid by the Good Guys or the Bad Guys and everything resembling “computer wealth” is destroyed. Today’s computer generated “money” is the absolute WORST form of money in the history of the world! Imagine…people think their electronic bank balances are VALUABLE when their bank is insolvent! This is worse than those who believed that  tulips were the best store of value in the Tulip Bubble! 
Expect MASSIVE volatility in the markets (especially silver!) during October. The take down is directly in front of us so be safe. Keep your metal OUT of their system.  No ETF’s, no 3rd party storage, no safe deposit boxes – none of it. Count your wealth in OUNCES and not US Dollars.
Metal in your pocket will be the best, if not only, monetary asset that will survive the crash.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

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