It’s Still Bush’s Fault!

Stand Up For America

I haven’t heard that (yet).  I do keep seeing that somehow Romney commenting twelve hours after news of the Libya attack was wrong and is impacting this situation.  Not much being said about Obama’s foreign policy.  Why did he decide to continue Bush’s use of drone warfare in foreign countries?  Even bigger question, why has he increased such attacks?  In Libya, Obama agreed to assist our NATO allies request for assistance  (France and the UK) despite the criticism that we did not know if the rebels were friend or foe to the US.  Egypt?  Didn’t Obama makes some speeches there promising a new era of peace throughout the Middle East?  (heh,heh, how’s that Hope&Change working for ya?)  And that may be a lesson for all, don’t make promises you cannot keep.  Obama can only promise peace on his part, the other people in the world have to agree to his…

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