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The Business Deal of the World




Was Europe Traded for the Middle East?

By JC Collins

The geopolitical strategy at play in the proxy resource wars between the east and west has shifted once again with the US strikes on Syria.  The response by Russia and China over this unilateral move by America will likely be very telling of the larger strategy at play here.

So far the response has been muted with only statements of slight disgruntlement, such as Russia stating that the US strikes violate Syria’s sovereignty.

The arrival of the Chinese naval ship into an Iranian port a few days ago very well could have been pre-positioning in preparation of the US strikes.  This would mean the China knew the strikes were going to happen which in turn means a geopolitical business deal was arranged between them and America.

On the Russian front we have Ukraine forces moving artillery back from the front lines and the present truce is holding.  ExxonMobile and Rosneft continue on their planned artic oil ventures.

Also announced over the last 24 hours is the Bank of China Hong Kong Asset Management and Citigroup have created a joint venture to expand high yield bond funds in Europe.

And on top of all this we have mass graves being discovered in Ukrainian government held territory, apparently exposing the atrocities of American backed Ukrainian forces.

As reported in the post The Devil’s Tears, the US is angling to retain control of both Europe and the Middle East, but will likely sacrifice one for the other if need be before the transition to the multilateral financial system takes place.

Given the resource wealth in the Middle East it is becoming more and more probable that the American interests will abandon their position over Europe and make the trade for the Middle East.

This time last year the US was threatening to bomb Syria to overthrow Assad.  Both Russia and China actively spoke out against these planned strikes and made it very clear that they would not allow it to happen.  It is even likely that missiles were fired and shot down by Russia before they could strike Syria, along with two US fighter jets crashing in the Golan Heights.

From that moment the US interests began to step up their propaganda and civil unrest strategies in Ukraine which would eventually lead to the coup and overthrow of the pro-Russian government in Kiev during the Winter Olympics.

A new front was opened in the proxy wars ensuring American success in one of the two regions.  It is the more likely scenario that the US never intended to retain control over Europe and was only using it as a bartering item to ensure its interests in the Middle East were maintained.

What is still somewhat of a wild card is Saudi Arabia, which could still lean towards China.  If the business deal over Syria is concluded than we are likely to see  Saudi Arabia remain in the US geopolitical sphere, as Saudi Arabia was aggressively angling to control Syria and rip it away from Assad.

If Assad is removed from power then we know categorically that this deal has been made and the multilateral system will continue to move forward by years end.

The G20 has collectively agreed to keep Russia as a member of the group and the mandate of the G20 to have the 2010 IMF Quota Reforms enacted by the end of this year is still moving forward.  With these latest moves on the socioeconomic and geopolitical fronts, the world is moving closer to concluding the largest business deal in history.

Some controlled chaos will have to be created before the preplanned order can be implemented.  When this chaos is announced it will be prudent of us all not to panic and come to emotion based conclusions.

The dollar will have to become unstable in order for the Chinese renminbi to be added to the SDR basket valuation.  As discussed in the post Renminbi Is Already A Defactor Reserve Currency, the end game is becoming clearer with each passing week.

The Separation of the US Treasury and Federal Reserve is beginning and will facilitate the growing dollar crisis.

The launching of the yuan denominated Shanghai Gold Contracts is moving the world towards the consolidation of global exchanges and streamlining of valuations to fit into the broader mandates of the multilateral system.

Both the G20 and the International Monetary Fund have given the US until the end of this year to pass and enact the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms so the renminbi can be added to the SDR basket valuation.  This is what is playing out this the year.

Will the US be satisfied with giving up Europe to retain control of the Middle Eastern resources?  Or will they continue to press for additional resource hegemony?  Will Russia and China even allow for the power transition in Syria and the Middle East?  Is the passage of the Audit the Fed bill being used as leverage by the international banking interests to pressure the US into finally passing the required legislation to support the implementation of the multilateral financial system?  Did the passing of the Fed bill finally prompt the bombing of Syria?

Time will tell but regardless, we are approaching the end of the year and the international bankers will have their way.  Continued diversion and manufactured storylines being pushed across the internet and conspiracy worlds only ensures that the methodology of this transition remains hidden.   – JC

The Rise of the World Empire

World Empire


By JC Collins

Gold can account for value deficiencies in fiat currency and make adjustments for inflation on a larger macro scale when there are no other alternatives, and only to the extent which real value and purchasing power is maintained.

In historical times when the wealth of the world moved into gold because currency debasement led to the collapse of the sole regional empire, the masses were left with no viable alternative.

Historical examples from antiquity are of financial systems which started as gold coinage and were later debased with copper and other metals. When these systems ultimately and inevitably failed, the people economically migrated to the things which they knew, such as gold coinage and production.

The economic systems of today, both micro and macro, defined across the vast socioeconomic regions of the world, are all debt based to begin with, and production, largely in the western regions, has become something of a long lost dream of days gone by.  The people, or the large swaths of the disorganized masses, have succumbed to the tantalizing dictates of socialism to such an extent that they take very little interest in the larger metrics of their financial existence.

This socialized cattle collective takes its talking points from media campaigns and figure head persona personalities who have been designed around a methodology which encourages the masses to feel a sense of familiarity and comfort with a message of acquiescence and complacency.

Along these lines the masses are provided the socialized legislation, which only encourages even more socialism, and a level of apathy that both confuses and confounds the modern thinker into a state of unlearning and departure from reason.

Today, if there was truly an unplanned or unexpected collapse of the financial system the large disorganized masses would not know what to do as there is no reference point outside of the socialized system, and would likely succumb to the macro mandates of the higher socialism which has been constructed outside of the sovereign framework of past ideologies and geopolitical borders.

This higher socialism has been designed by stealth through the implementation of educational curriculum and the subconscious implantation of new age religious type moral burdens, such as the green movement and bastardized equality campaigns of unnatural proportions.

There is always a marginal percentage of the population which is able to discern and reason outside of the parameters and constructs of the system they labor under. But even within that minimum demographic there are further breakdowns on awareness level and the cause and effect machinations at work.

As an example, an extremely small percentage of the global population today can explain the fundamentals of any socioeconomic system, let alone the complexity of the system which has been engineered around us today.  It is challenging to determine with any level of accuracy what that number would be, but I would suspect based on website views and search engine hits that the number of only curious seekers is somewhere under 1% and within that slight margin we can define perhaps 10% who can functionally comprehend the totality of the system which is in use today.

These numbers only reflect the socioeconomic component of awareness as opposed to the engineered and conditioned awakening which has penetrated the collective psyche through the conspiracy theory mandates of restructuring the weapons of the weak for use against the very same weak from which they have previously originated.

What I’m saying here is that the awareness meme which has taken up a stance against the sovereign state is designed to eventually and gradually slip the collective into the larger super-sovereign socialism of tomorrow.  Conspiracy websites and theories have slowly been consolidating under familiar banners and the people have “awakened” under this engineered and conditioned storyline.

And a percentage of these “consequential awakenings” have shifted into the socioeconomic camp of total economic collapse and precious metal manipulations. The plot structure from this demographic is that fiat currencies will collapse into hyperinflation and gold and silver will account for this by skyrocketing to extreme levels which defy reason. The nominal value of gold and silver, as opposed to the real value, being the purchasing power of the metals, matters little when it buys the same tomorrow that it could buy today.

Though we may see some continued increases in the value of precious metals over the next year or so, they will be offset by decreases in nominal value which will match and parallel the real value decreases which will facilitate the growing deflation taking place around the world.

One cannot discuss the real and nominal value of gold without further contemplating the dueling and symbiotic roles of inflation and deflation. It is so difficult for the linear human mind to comprehend the abstract realization of this simultaneous relationship. Let us attempt to explore this challenging aspect of the financial system.

Inflation, recognized as the devaluation of money, or decrease in purchasing power, by way of both marginal and massive money printing or creation, does not exist separate and overtly distinguishable from deflation.

Deflation, recognized as the increase in money valuation, or decrease in asset values, by way of reduced money printing or creation, does not exist separate and overtly distinguishable from inflation.

In recent years we have experienced massive inflation by way of economic policies such as QE money supply expansion. Yet, we have also experienced deflation as asset values have been dropping, especially in homes prices in the United States. Commodities and assets have been hit hard at a time when we are experiencing a massive expansion of the money supply, which is inflation.

So here we have inflation and deflation existing together simultaneously. But the relationship between the two becomes even more discomforting when we make the obvious connection that inflation is in fact preventing a slip into a massive deflationary event.

In simple terms, QE is preventing massive deflation, and the more asset and commodity prices weaken the more demand there will be for increased money printing and inflation.  I have attempted in past posts to explain how QE is funding the implementation of the emerging multilateral financial system.

Understanding the above information is mandatory to understanding what this means.

And I’ve also stated in past posts that the price of gold and other precious metals are being manipulated, not downward as determined by the “consequential awakenings” of precious metals purveyors, but manipulated upward by covert monetary policies and procedures in order to maintain the symbiotic relationship between the deflation and inflation which we have been experiencing.

As challenging as it may be to comprehend the above information, it is one of the only accurate methods of describing the patterns and macro policies which are taking place in the broader socioeconomic world.

In the post Renminbi is Already a Defacto Reserve Currency, it is explained how the internationalization of the Chinese currency is taking the form of yuan denominated gold contracts from the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and that the ultimate goal is to include the renminbi in the SDR basket valuation.

No country, including the United States or China, wants to hold  the reserve currency of the world.  All mandates are consolidating under the control of the Bank for International Settlements and the same police state procedures and socioeconomic policies are being implemented around the world.

The rise of the world empire is upon us and with each passing month and year it is becoming more and more difficult to deny or ignore the massive consolidation of socialism.

No BRICS countries will change the system because they are also controlled by the same system.  No gold standard is going to be announced which will see gold go to $10,000.00/oz.  The wizards at the BIS are managing the transition based on lessons learned from the 20th Century.

What will the gold “consequential awakenings” preach when the SGE, COMEX, and all other exchanges around the world value precious metals the same?  How will they convince the 1% of the disorganized masses that gold is going to atmosphere levels when it in fact has been subjected to deflation and is now denominated in SDR’s as opposed to one sovereign currency?

We will soon experience a shift in the balance which has been maintained between inflation and deflation as overt QE comes to an end and interest rates begin to climb.  This will not be a reckless position or a move devoid of strategy.  It will be a will planned and orchestrated methodology which is engineering the multilateral financial component and emerging super socialism of the rising world empire.

The world empire at first will appear prosperous and the masses will feel a sense of freedom and enrichment that has been missing from humanity for a long time.  But all will not be as it seems as underneath the collective will be growing the same human discontentment which has plagued man from the very beginning.

Socialism may be what we have been conditioned to want and think, but it is truly chaos which has captured the hearts of man.  And as the small minority of humanity will continue seeking truth and understanding, the inner desire of all will seek further balance and consolidation in chaos.  Perhaps it is our natural state.  – JC

Great GATA Interview…US Authorized to Rig any market at any time!

To:  Andy Valisalo

The TRUTH is leaking out all over the place.

Watch this interview with Chris Powell of GATA and you will see how matter of fact gold and silver manipulation is.

Larry Parks Interviews Chris Powell


May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

Separation of US Treasury and Federal Reserve Begins



H.R. 24 ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Passes in House

By JC Collins

With all of the other economic and geopolitical events which are taking place this week we can now add the passage of the Audit the Fed bill in Congress.  The bill was overwhelmingly passed with a margin of 333 to 92.

Congressman Ron Broun issued the following statement:

“Today’s passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer towards bringing much-needed transparency to our nation’s monetary policy. For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy – controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy. While in recent years, the Fed has been granted a greater role in overseeing the regulation of our financial system, current law specifically prohibits audits of the Federal Reserve’s deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy. This lack of accountability and transparency has led to grievous consequences – and it must end.

“I applaud my colleagues, Republicans and Democrats alike, for their support of this vital bill, and I commend my good friend and former colleague Dr. Ron Paul for his leadership on this important issue. I strongly encourage Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to recall his past support for this legislation – which he stated as recently as 2010 – and to bring this bill before the Senate for a vote, so we may deliver the transparency and government accountability the American people need and deserve.”

The full bill can be read here.

Now that we are on the verge of the economic transition to the multilateral system it is only prudent for the US Government and Treasury to begin distancing itself from the Federal Reserve and start implementing the blame game.

Those who have been following my site since January will recognize the obvious pattern at play here.  Congress has held up the passage of the legislation required to enact the 2010 IMF Code of Reforms which will restructure the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund, allowing for the US Fed dollar to be removed as the primary reserve currency of the world and the SDR super-sovereign currency to be implemented in the role.

Another aspect of the 2010 Reforms will be to allow for the addition of the Chinese renminbi to the SDR basket value.  The renminbi is quickly internationalizing and the Shanghai Gold Exchange is a major component of that process.

We are witnessing dramatic changes taking place this year and the hits keep coming.  We can hardly go half a day now without another big economic or geopolitical story breaking.  – JC

Read the following story, also from today:

IMF Warns of Risks from Excessive Financial Market Bets

Fact Check 125.6

September 21, 2014 31 Comments


Nobody will ever say our readers do not have anything to say. With over 1000 comments between FC 125 and 125.5, I am going to once again move to a new post with FC 125.6 to alleviate the issues with posting and reading via mobile devices.

A review of recent communications all points to one task for us all: Keep your eyes open and remain prepared at all times, for all things, from this time forward.

Continue to steer clear of the neural narcosis that results from the guru intel chin-waging vomitorium. I cannot emphasize this enough. Allowing pride to divert your senses from the realities of the world that they ignore will cost you dearly. Stay in tune with those who are front and center – those who have been gracious enough to help us stay informed.

Don’t get behind a lemming, because you know where it will end up.

As you are all aware, our fact checking days are largely done, since the truth and details about the parties involved and their roles in matters germane to our interests are well known and understood by now. These details are found at the official White Hat Blog at All we have to do now is act and be responsible at our levels, and let the fine people on the front lines do their jobs.

Let’s show them that their work will be anticipated and appreciated by a well informed and involved citizenry, and not by a swarming mass of idleness, self indulgence and indifference.

You may continue your discussions as you wish, and you have my sincere appreciation for conducting yourselves like ladies and gentlemen. I spend very little time moderating offensive/disruptive behavior at WHA, and I thank you for your professionalism along these lines.

The White Hats and their colleagues appreciate your support and are working hard to complete their tasks.

Please await further information as it becomes available.

Thank you!


The Georgia Guidestones were recently updated with a date – 2014.












Be careful what you wish for.

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