🚨🔥 Jun 6 2022 – Juan O Savin w/ Johnny Enlow > Sep 3rd Is 2020 Election ‘Red Flag’ Day


* One Way Or Another The ‘Red Flag’ WILL Be Thrown [NCSWIC] *

– MSNBC Goes On The Attack Against Juan > Tries To Revive The Old Wayne Willott, Insurance Investigator Disinfo Story [Juan Is NOT Wayne]
– Juan’s National SoS Coalition Has Become A Significant Threat To The Deep State [Winning]
– Juan’s Secret Identity Protects Those VIP’s He Works With And His Family
– Juan Has Operated ‘Behind The Scenes’ Globally For 30+ Years
– The Fight Is MUCH BIGGER Than Most People Understand
– Roe v Wade (Dallas) + JFK (Dallas) Is More Sinister Than You Think
– The Deep State Thought JFK Would Be Controllable
– JFK Knew He Needed To Expose The Plot To Enslave Humanity
– The Fight Against The Freemasons & Secret Societies In America Has Been Going On For Over 200 Years
– Many Founding Fathers Renounced Their Masonic Roots
– 22 Months Is How Long Federal Law Requires Holding Election Data
– 22 Months From Nov 3rd 2020 = Sep 3rd 2022
– By Sep 3rd We The Patriots MUST Throw The ‘Red Flag’ To Challenge The Election
– If Foreign Interference Is Involved > It Is A National Security Issue = Act Of War = MIL Continuity Of Govt (COG)
– One Way Or Another The ‘Red Flag’ WILL Be Thrown [NCSWIC]

America First SoS Coalition

Q OfficialMcAfee > Telegram & Truth Social


Juan O Savin


Elijah Streams > Johnny Enlow

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