MedPods and Medbeds are here, real and operational now

1,076 views Streamed live on May 31, 2022 We have seen them in many science fiction movies, but now they are here and operational. Our special guest Jon Bliven is the Managing Director of KF Spaceship Arizona Institute and they are revolutionizing the medical science technology, they have a prototype ready. This is exclusive information that you wont find anywhere else. Enjoy the show

2 responses to “MedPods and Medbeds are here, real and operational now

  1. Martine Dadaglio

    Everything is: Not Here Now and Going to be…
    Everything is possible and he does not have it now, that I can tell.
    Show me, don’t tell me.
    And the piece about having Mother Theresa’s energy is
    uphauling, view she was a baby and child trafficker~


  2. Fits right in, another hurry up and wait deal. They have been around for few years, we’ll see. Mother Theresa, yeah……


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