🚨 Nov 5 2021 – David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance


 SHARE * Clear Evidence Of Premeditated Biological Warfare *

– There is NO SARS Coronavirus 2
– There Is A Bioweapon Paid For By Anthony Fauci In 1999
– This Bioweapon Was Engineered To Destory Humanity
– There is NO Covid-19
– There is NO “Vaccine”
– Clear Evidence Of 5 Premeditated Felonies

David Martin

3 responses to “🚨 Nov 5 2021 – David Martin PhD – Evidence COVID + Vax Was Planned & Patented Years In Advance

  1. Thank you for posting this I watched that very video at the conference, there was another conference he talked at also. That was excellent! I’m keeping him in my prayers that the Lord shall keep him safe……..
    It’s all criminal activity of genocide……..I pity their souls for being so evil……..The Lord knows!


  2. Also I watched the latest confrontation between Ron Paul and Fauci a couple of days ago, Ron P, was firm, but what needs to be stated by these so-called “representative’s” of truth, is that they need to call Fauci to his face that he is an enemy to the citizen’s of the US, a murder, a thief, a LIAR! But no one has the Manliness to do so! Dr. Martin is correct in his stance against ALL in Congress and the Senate, they are ALL complicit……plain and simple!


    • I sure agree. If I do a crime, they snatch me up in a second, throw me in the jail and investigate some time later. But these clowns have 700,000 dead and Congress etc discuss wether that was legal, lawful, illegal , unlawful or perhaps they mis-spoke, all tricks add infinitum. They are all in on it.

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