The Facebook ‘whistleblower’ is another con job to try and kill free speech.

Prima Facie is a legal term that translates as “on its first appearance” or “at first sight.” This also means self-evident.

In other words, if something is prima facie, no inquiry is needed to further investigate. All evidence is contained on the face of a subject.

The American people see and interpret prima facie. They do not inquire beyond that which appears as “public” information.

The reality is that most information comes to us in layers. The truth is beneath the surface and beneath the written or spoken word. Information from the public media and from official and political sources comes in layers. The first layer is what our natural senses perceive and retain as fact. This is almost 100 percent deceptive.

However, inquiring beneath the first layer, or prima facie, brings us closer to reality and truth. The more layers peeled back and the more inquiry we make, the closer we come to reality.

Some people get through several layers. A few people get to the reality that all or almost all public information, as well as public education, is false and totally misleading.

Finally, a small number of people get through enough layers of information that they come to the shocking conclusion that government is organized crime and it is every man for himself.

This is evident with the made for TV un-reality show that has been the “Facebook Whistleblower.” On it’s face, her testimony and words are sincere, and hint at something positive for all Americans. But the reality is sadly different… and as usual, you must go beyond prima facie and through many layers in order for the truth to be revealed.

The first layer exposing Haugen as a fraud of a whistleblower: She appeared on CBS’ “news” program 60 Minutes seemingly minutes after she “decided” to blow the whistle. How? Because she is an operative of the elites, and everything she is doing is planned Kaubuki theater, suggests investigative author Michael Tracey on his Substack page.

He says correctly, “…notice that ‘whistleblowers’ only seem to receive this kind of coordinated official endorsement if they are telling powerful factions exactly what they want to hear, and Haugen has done just that. Once the saintly status is attained, questioning her motives or political prescriptions is deemed sacrilegious. Try to find a single establishment orthodoxy as regards ‘Big Tech’ and speech regulation that Haugen’s statements have undercut rather than strengthened, and you will come away empty-handed. Nevertheless, her trailblazing nobility has been extolled throughout the media and in Congress, with hardly a critical word even whispered.”

Remember, if the entirety of the establishment and the media is telling you something, it’s a good idea to believe the opposite.

Tracey continues: “Has any other ‘whistleblower’ ever gotten such over-the-top Red Carpet treatment? If a ‘whistleblower’ is immediately feted and glorified by the world’s most powerful institutions, perhaps ‘whistleblower’ is not the most apt term… “Functionary” might work better. Indeed, Haugen has conceded that she doesn’t even have an inherent problem with the massive power wielded by Facebook, she just thinks that power ought to be wielded more judiciously — in accordance with her political and cultural priorities — with the help of government regulators.”

Regulation and more control over the no-longer-free Internet is their intent.

Which is what Glenn Greenwald confirms in what is the second layer: “Congress has taken no steps to curb the influence of these Silicon Valley giants because Facebook and Google drown the establishment wings of both parties with enormous amounts of cash and pay well-connected lobbyists who are friends and former colleagues of key lawmakers to use their D.C. influence to block reform. With the exception of a few stalwarts, neither party’s ruling wing really has any objection to this monopolistic power as long as it is exercised to advance their own interests.”

“And that is Facebook’s only real political problem: not that they are too powerful but that they are not using that power to censor enough content from the internet that offends the sensibilities and beliefs of Democratic Party leaders and their liberal followers, who now control the White House, the entire executive branch and both houses of Congress. Haugen herself, now guided by long-time Obama operative Bill Burton, has made explicitly clear that her grievance with her former employer is its refusal to censor more of what she regards as ‘hate, violence and misinformation.’

Dear reader, there is no such thing as misinformation, just like there is no such thing as hate speech. There is just speech, information, and opinion.

Six media giants now control 90 percent of what we read, watch and listen to. These corporations are large feeders at the corporatist, government trough, often receiving special dispensation — thanks to the lobbying efforts of former members of the political class — as bills are crafted, like the proposals to criminalize “hate speech.” Beyond that is the revolving door between Congressional and Presidential staffs and government agencies and the major media outlets. These are primarily statists, progressives and neocons, ensuring that their fake phrases are continuously injected into the mainstream.

So when you read about organizations pressuring other organizations to “take action” against “hate speech,” you are seeing kabuki theater in action. It is virtue signaling for political correctness, which is the opposite of tolerance. PC is about conformity to government- and elite-approved thought, speech and deed. The government, its politicians and its idiot PC-preaching pawns do all they can to force political conformity.

And who finances this signaling? The third layer you must break through was revealed by Politico: “The Facebook whistleblower … has drawn behind-the-scenes help from a big player in the online world: Pierre Omidyar, the billionaire tech critic who founded eBay.” Haugen told The New York Times that her own personal Bitcoin wealth means she is relying on “help from nonprofit groups backed by Mr. Omidyar only for travel and similar expenses.”

Glenn Greenwald, whose former company was financed by Omidyar, revealed further that “Omidyar’s central role in this latest scheme to impose greater control over social media is unsurprising because he and his multi-national foundation, the Omidyar Network, fund many if not most of the campaigns and organizations designed to police and control political speech on the internet under the benevolent-sounding banner of combating “disinformation” and “extremism.” Though one could have easily guessed that it was Omidyar fueling Frances Haugen and her team of Democratic Party operatives acting as lawyers and P.R. agents — I would have been shocked if he had no role — it is still nonetheless highly revealing of what these campaigns and groups are, how they function, what their real goals are, and the serious dangers they pose.”

But it goes further, dear reader. Because there is yet a fourth layer: Grayzone reports: “While Haugen has presented herself as a ‘whistleblower’ who risked it all to expose the secrets of the powerful, she was cultivated and legally represented by an organization led by former intelligence insiders with close ties to the US national security state.

“Called Whistleblower Aid, the outfit was founded by a national security lawyer, Mark Zaid, who has been accused of ratting out his client, CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling, to his employers in Langley. Zaid is joined by a former State Department official and government-approved whistleblower, John Tye, ex-CIA and Pentagon official Andrew Bakaj, and veteran US government information warrior, Libby Liu, who has specialized in supporting color revolution-style operations against China.”

Guess who else is a major donor to “Whistleblower Aid”? Pierre Omidyar, who, after being listed with a net worth of $8 billion just a few years ago, and who pledged to give away all his wealth, is now somehow worth $22 billion.

Shocking, I tell you, just shocking!

Most people don’t inquire enough to get to any conclusion much less a shocking one that spurs them to action or realization. This is why propaganda is so effective against a population. It is human nature to see, hear and translate without inquiry or without question.

The world of most Americans is a cartoon, a fantasy or a mirage. This is the product of a controlled media and “public education.”

People control is a work in progress. The system attacks the population by dumbing the people down to the point where they have no inquiry. Everything is prima facie. Everything is what the system says it is. Our lives are prescribed and defined. We do not think our own thoughts. We have a Mickey Mouse mentality, and we dwell upon frivolity.

Please remember that for everything you read and see from the establishment, their politicians and their mainstream media mouthpieces intentionally distort language to suit their purposes and advance their agenda. Conservative and liberal arguments about politics and issues are used to deceive great masses of people into following after messianic leaders and their all-encompassing, collectivist social policies. Do not trust these people and you will never be sorry for it.

Yours for the truth,

Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter®

P.S. — Since I launched The Bob Livingston Letter®, my goal has always been to find the truth behind the lies told by the controlling elite and spread it far and wide. Do you want to learn how to have the best health and the most freedom and wealth to go along with it? Then be sure to subscribe today and I will send you my compendium filled with advice that will keep you healthy, prosperous and free for years to come.

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