Watch “How China Will DESTROY The NWO… & Itself” on YouTube

One response to “Watch “How China Will DESTROY The NWO… & Itself” on YouTube

  1. Thank you for this insightful talk.
    I Agree with most of what you said, However, pointing to Rockefellers
    & bankers as being the ROOT villian behind the NWO curtain is Not accurate. Behind ALL of them are the Jesuits!
    The Jesuits are neither priests or Catholic: They infiltrated the Catholic Church and corrupted it, just as they infiltrate EVERY power structure
    to gain control. They are literally the seat of Satan on Earth.
    They HIDE behind Rockefellers, bankers, communists, Bill Gates, etc…whom they control! They are the richest people on the planet
    and they’ve controlled the Rockefellers for centuries.
    They succeed in bringing all their pawns into their Satanic death
    cult — and get them addicted to adrenochrome!
    Please stop pointing to the Jesuits’ pawns (Jewish bankers) as the true source of Satan’s earthly evil, because the Jesuits have done a
    marvelous job of hiding their True gruesome history of terrorizing the
    planet– Always placing blame on others, I found some excellent history books ( rwitten in 1904) that documents and connects Many mysterious dots. Even our Founding fathers
    rote that they believed if anyone destroys the US, it will be the Jesuits!


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