💥Latest Update! Trust the Plan! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Thanks M.

> ❤️God Bless President Trump!  Pray!
> Update: Please remain calm and allow this to unfold. The plan I am told is brilliant, so we must trust the plan.
> 1. Fisa brings down the house. Declassification will come today through Monday per Lou Dobbs. True
> 2. The inauguration parade is canceled. True
> 3. Trump has never conceded. True
> 4. Has there ever been 10 miles of fencing with barbed wire for an inauguration? No
> 5. When FISA comes out they will be done. The information is so damaging.
> 6. They would have to cancel the inauguration. This is a wait and see based on Fisa release.
> 7. The disclosure videos will air for about 10 days. They are very upsetting I am told. Shocking. Those who have no idea will have a hard time.
> 8. We are the ones who have been on the front lines. It is up to us to help those who will be devastated from what they learn.
> 9. Remain calm and be the reassuring voice
> 10. We are at the point where all will be revealed
> 11. Nesara/Gesara will be implemented, which should be this month
> 12. The 6,000 hidden technologies will be released
> 13. Humanity will take a giant leap forward as they have kept these technologies from us
> 14. All the money taken by the federal reserve will be given back
> 15. All the money in your TDA will be given back
> 16. Humanity will have abundance and poverty will go away
> We are days away from all of this happening. It is such an exciting time to be alive. We have waited years for this moment. Rejoice! Graduation is almost here.
> Let’s continue our daily 11:11 am and pm est meditation. See the cabal arrested and evil removed from the planet. See the world bright and beautiful and free. Surround President Trump and his family and staff and military in a shield of protection. Do what you must do for today. Stay strong and keep the faith and may God bless each and everyone of you 🙏❤️
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