Mandatory Masks Are in Violation of the Nuremberg Principles.

This has been planned, ohh so long ago.


Mandatory Masks Are in Violation of the Nuremberg PrinciplesAre Mandatory Masks “OSHA”-Approved? – Fact-Based Comments by Attorney Leigh Dundas with Federal Labor Law/Real World Experience

Please get some perspective on what you have unwittingly or willfully consented to, and set in motion, especially concerning elders, the disabled, children and workers — before this gets totally out of control. And not just concerning continuing “mask hysteria”, but the continuing demolition of small businesses, our communities, and of all of our lives as well.

Perhaps an overview reading of summary of the Nuremberg trials is in order, with the excerpt below from Wikipedia:

The definition of what constitutes a war crime is described by the Nuremberg principles, a set of international legal guidelines created as a result of those trials. The horrific medical experiments conducted by German doctors and prosecuted in the so-called Doctors’ Trial led to the creation of the Nuremberg Code, a set of ethical research principles for all future human experimentation and clinical medical practice protocols — such as with “mask hysteria”, social distancing, contact tracing, prolonged lockdowns and forced toxic vaccinations.Nuremberg principlesAny person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liable. Doctors’ trial

Twenty of the twenty-three defendants were medical doctors (Viktor Brack, Rudolf Brandt, and Wolfram Sievers)

Notable and predictable was the defense offered by almost all convicted of medical war crimes at Nuremberg: “I was only following orders.”/”I was only doing my job.” Also notable is that, since the CV-19 plandemic legally constitutes a state of emergency/state of war/medical martial law, there is a possibility that similar severe penalties could be meted out to those who commit similar war crimes during this time under color of law — using similar lame excuses during another such declared state of emergency/state of war/medical martial law as this CV-19 plandemic.Nuremberg Code

The origin of the Nuremberg Code began in pre–World War II German politics, particularly during the 1930s and 1940s. Further, your “mask hysteria”-based edicts are also in violation of the Federal Americans with Disability and HIPAA Acts, as stated in the following informational notice being carried by many of us who know our rights while we are out of doors or traveling during the present CV-19 plandemic state of emergency, with its many currently fashionable state/local medical martial law martinets and their dictatorial, virtue-signaling edicts.Click here for 5-minute Video Related: OSHA SAYS MASKS DON’T WORK — And Violate OSHA Oxygen Levels

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