Human 2.0 ~ A Wake Up Call To The World

Terry Moore
3 weeks agoWe would be kidding ourselves into thinking they want to improve humanity in any way…it is simply another higher level of enslavement.. They have superseded every medical cure for 200 years, they do not want to Cure any health issue..they want you sick and controlled, period.

Deardra DeBoard
3 weeks agoThe word “Moderna”, has several very interesting words within it that show some of the energy this word holds. Adore, armed, modern, nomad, named, daemon or demon, dream, Roman! The name is literally telling you that it’s a worship to a demon! CREATION is done through the word. The word World has two very important words within it, Lord and Word. The word universe means one verse. EVERYTHING is CREATED through the word and the controllers know this! It’s ALWAYS hidden in plain sight. Bring 4th the JuLie in de pen dence/dense. They wrap society in a invisible pen and keep them dense! 🌻 DONT EVER TAKE A VACCINE! The word vaccine is an anagram for C C Naive, like the word pharmacy has harm your ac/light or energy. We are light beings that’s why we are called human, Hu/light, man/manifest. We create via the word and send it out into the world of form via emotion or energy in motion! Once you real eyes how creation is done then you can see through the illusions which literally says ill us I on! There weapon of choice is the black mirror is called the tell a vision. The word television has the word evilest within it. They use advertisement to sponsor the control system. The word advertisement means adverse mind that entices. NEWS is an acronym for North, East, West, South it’s them summoning from the four corners of the world to cast a spell. They call themselves news casters for a reason. Then the use words like news feed, broadcast, tv programming. They teach you to spell in school they don’t teach you words are spells. It’s always hidden in plain sight, you just have to real eyes how it’s done! 🌻

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