Just some thoughts.

I was born at an early age 🙂  and spent 17 years of my life in Europe, supposedly in a “free” country, capitalistic but under socialism with heavy influence of neighboring communists.

As we were packing up to leave, my father told us that “We are going to the United States, because it is the last country to fall under”. What an exciting feeling seeing, through the airplane windows, the old country disappearing behind. We were heading to America.   We flew and stopped in Paris, Amsterdam, London, even Reykjavik, never mind those. I wanted America. Soon enough all the real excitement burst with glorious sighting, through airplane windows, New York, the grand vastness of it all, with those huge buildings as far as I could see. The crowning point came when I stepped on the American soil. I felt like I had won the great game of Life. I am in America. Nobody can take that away from me. And a bit later, now I am an American.

Later I spent another 5 years in Europe. Today I see the leftists pushing their tactics and rhetoric unto unsuspecting Americans exactly as they did in the “old country”.  Fake News, Propaganda is running rampant in America. I know, I was born and raised in the middle of that crap. I recognize it a mile away, as they say. For a half a Century I have been observing it poisoning American minds, especially the kids.  News organizations are not telling the news. In order to make or force  Americans to  think a certain way, they are telling stories  masquerading as news. They only show the sound bites that allow them to alter the story just enough to meet their agenda. So the Americans tell these sound bites to each other affirming their belief in some cockamamie idea, like socialism or communism is a good idea if it was only done right way. Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, Maduro or Mao Zedong, they all told their people they were doing it the right way. Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, etc. democrats are only a stepping stone to socialism where the end goal is communism.

To tell the correct story is the goal here, but first let me say this, do not take my word for it do your own research and decide for yourself. The good thing is that I give you a track to run on what to search for.  I want to post stories and videos that are educational for People who have been lulled into thinking that the truth comes from the tube.  Also I like Paul Harvey’s saying, “The Rest Of The Story”. I will also post stories of all sorts, funny, sad, other things that get my attention. Also, as you may expect, some of the stories could be put out by some clever dis-info agents, like Trump says “We have a big invisible enemy”, he was not just taking about the virus.   I’m not a big writer, so mostly, I wind up bringing you stories from other writers and film makers who do such a great job. I appreciate their work and hope to direct my readers to their sites also.

So far we have people from 134 countries visiting this site and you can help spread the word about liberty and freedom to others around the world and here in America just by making some comments on the articles.

Thanks for your help,

Andy V.






2 responses to “Just some thoughts.

  1. Martine Dadaglio

    Thank you Andy. You lead the way with exquisite choice of material. I can always count on you for strong and accurate and sometimes fun info!


  2. Well said! Thank you for sharing your story and experience, may it continue to guide and help others!


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