One By One All The Exits Are Being Blocked WW, Hold, Wait For It.

I will send out more of these X-22 videos, they are great and lots of good info. All in plain language, easy to understand and easy for your friends or enemies to see and hear them. If you need to, please use the Closed Captioning and use the full screen on you computer. The time has come for us to help the people, who do not understand what is happening. It is up to us.

Back in 1776 they did not have Internet or Television but they had people like us, who, by helping their neighbors to understand, created our beloved America.  Admired the world over, I know ‘couse I’m one of them. I met and know thousands of people who do the admiring daily.

Sadly, for over 160 years we have been a target of a take over but as Trump said today “The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!” Do you think he was talking about a virus? Learn that.

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