Monday, June 5, 2017

For months, Democrats and their partisans in the media have singled out Trump associates as traitors and collaborators with the Russians.

Congressional Democrats pounded their chests about getting them to testify and proving once-and-for-all they were in league with a foreign power during the 2016 election.

So why did the Democrats just make one surprising announcement about witness testimony?

Carter Page was a one-time Trump advisor and energy company executive.

He traveled to Moscow in the summer of 2016 to deliver a speech and his trip has been cited as one of the reasons the FBI initiated a counter intelligence investigation into the Trump campaign and their contacts with the Russians.

The FBI even obtained a FISA warrant to spy on his communications – proving that the Obama administration did place Trump associates under surveillance during the 2016 election.

Page was supposed to be the witness who would finally unravel the spool of collusion and treason in the Trump campaign.

And he was set to testify before Congress on June 6th.  But  then something funny happened.  Democrats blocked his testimony.
Page wrote a letter to the House Intelligence Committee claiming staff was preventing his testimony.

The Washington Post reports:

“Page sent a letter to the House Intelligence Committee on Monday in which he claimed that the committee staff told him that he “might not be immediately afforded the opportunity to address the false or misleading testimony by James Comey, John Brennan, et al. as per our previously scheduled appointment for next week.” Page made clear that he’s eager to testify.
Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” morning show reported on the letter and read part of it on the air early Wednesday morning.”

Trump responded on Twitter by mocking the Democrats and insisting the Russia investigation was a witch hunt.

Donald J. Trump
 Verified account @realDonaldTrump May 31 2017

So now it is reported that the Democrats, who have excoriated Carter Page about Russia, don’t want him to testify. He blows away their….

Donald J. Trump

  Verified account@realDonaldTrump  31 May 2017
…case against him & now wants to clear his name by showing “the false or misleading testimony by James Comey, John Brennan…” Witch Hunt!
Page has stated that the investigation is phony and that his testimony will reveal the illegal surveillance the Obama administration engaged in, as well as the false testimony offered by former Obama intelligence officials.

Did the Democrats cancel his testimony because the Russia investigation is now at the point where everyone must put their cards on the table and they will be exposed as bluffing?

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