Is This Video Evidence that the Golden Conspiracies Are True?

 Bix Weir
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Video Opening Secret Gold Stashes – Global Accounts

The following videos seems to support all the rumors of Secret Gold Stashes that were being saved for “The Transition”. Million of tons of gold may soon be available for use as money by the people of the world.

Neil Keenan Update – Making History – New Beginnings

Is it true? I don’t know…but it sure would fit with the Road to Roota Theory!

I have long talked about the massive amount of gold that is above ground. After reading “Gold Warriors” by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave and going through the thousands of support documents I have come to the conclusion that the 180,000 tons of available gold promoted by the likes of Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group and the World Gold Council are total and complete nonsense.

There are MILLIONS of tons of gold above ground!!

Golden Secrets

For years I have heard about the battles to liberate much of the gold that is hidden away in Asia and earmarked for humanity when our controllers are removed. It is even talked about in the Road to Roota comics from the Fed Boston referred to as “The Golden Light” and “Colored Flowers”. You can find all the references to the Golden Light and Colored Flowers at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston website here:

Fed Boston’s Road to Roota Page

I’ll walk you through it…

Here’s Roota’s Grandmother (Fed Chair Arthur Burns) telling Roota (Alan Greenspan) about the rumored gold…


Here’s Roota’s Grandma telling Roota that the people within the US Federal Reserve are VERY AFRAID of the “Big People” who control the monetary system and Roota (Greenspan) telling his mentor (Arthur Burns) that he’s not afraid of the Bad Guys and will find a way back to colorland (a gold backed system)…


Here’s Roota finding the hidden gold…


Here’s Roota (Greenspan) inventing the “Petro Dollar” by using the black tears (oil)to create more colored flowers…



Right now it looks like 2015 will FINALLY be the year that the TRUTH is revealed and humanity will be freed.

These videos of hidden gold are only the beginning.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

For Private Road Members…

Friday Road Trip 12/19/14

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