It Is Happening NOW!! (Load Your …….. Just in Case it doesn’t Go Well)

Everything I watch is screaming… NOW! NOW! NOW!

It is time and it is happening…but there are rumors it might not go as smoothly as possible so be ready to FIGHT to protect yourself, your community and your country. Keep an eye on the falling stock market and FAILING banks in Europe for further proof.

I have posted the Friday Road Trip for Private Road members with updates on all the action here:

To sign up for the Private Road (while it is still possible) click here:

I’m still giving away $20 worth of hard copy Bitcoin with every subscription or renewal and I will continue to do so until the final banking crash.

Then I will be hanging onto my solitary Bitcoin with all my might!!Also, the latest silver smack down is pure electronic fantasy as PHYSICAL Silver is FLYING out of the warehouses around the world. Even the US Silver Eagles Sales have caught FIRE again and will post over 3M coins sold in September.

ALERT: Wow!! Bankster henchman US Attorney General Eric Holder just resigned…how much more proof do you need that BIG THINGS are happening?!

Stay Safe.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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